Saturday, July 12, 2008
BDSM Lifestyle
I always love bdsm stories and i been reading about a lot of bdsm lifestyle stories of a real slave and master. while i was browsing the internet i have seen a a video of a teacher as a slave and master lifestyle a bdsm lifestyle of a real slave and i just like to share this video with you.
Wednesday, March 5, 2008
eris aurum

here's eris tied upside down ready to be fuck bondage style she is your everydayslaves babe that will give you your satisfaction for some bdsm action
Monday, February 18, 2008
Torture devices
Heretic’s fork
One end of this device was pushed under the chin, the other into the sternum, with the strap securing this torture tool to the victim’s neck. Immobilized and in great pain, the victim will have to mouth off the Latin word “abiuro” (I recant), or they’ll end up being hanged or worse, burned at the stake.

Lead sprinkler
This tool, which kinda reminds me of a holy water sprinkler, was filled with either molten lead, tar, boiling oil or boiling water, then used to bless, errr, torture its victims by dripping its contents on their stomach, back and other body parts. Sounds like standard S&M practice to me, only with a greater deal of pain.

There are many variations on this torture device. Some were designed to slowly crush fingers, while others were built to do the same to toes, knees and elbows. Just a simple vise, really, but extremely painful.
Saturday, February 9, 2008
Humiliating my slave
I begin humiliating my slave with simply caling him "slave" or by his number I gave him myself.
One can also use for verbal abuse the words such "slut", "worthless", "ugly", "stupid", "whore", "bitch"...
One can force a slave to ask permission for such things as using the toilet, or eating. I also humiliate my slave by letting him spend a very limited amount of money while his actual income allows him not to think about money at all.
Specific rituals may also be humiliating for submissives, such as walking a pace behind the dominant female, asking for her permission to speak, to kneel while giving a drink to the Mistress or eating from the floor.
Restrictions on clothing, wearing a collar, sissification or use of a chastity belt to the male slave can also be very humiliating.
Friday, February 8, 2008
Rules for dominant
Be patient! Until you enter into a contract with a submissive, you have no more right to order him/her around than does anyone else. Give your bottom time to get to know you and what you are like. Finesse and subtlety are major elements of dominance. Similarly, strength and gentleness go hand in hand. The sensitivity and awareness (or lack thereof) that you show in the real world is likely to be repeated in the playroom.

Be humble. You may be God's/Goddess' gift to the world, but no one needs to hear it or wants to hear it. You will have ample opportunities to show how good you are - and plenty of opportunities to make a fool of yourself. No matter what you claim, the "real you" will show through in a scene. Don't set yourself up for a failure by developing expectations that you know you can never reach.

Be open. Although the top is classically considered to be the teacher in SM, you can always learn from your bottom, no matter how inexperienced. Be willing to learn from other dominants who may have a totally different perspective from yours. Try to approach by-now-familiar trips with an attitude of wonderment and discovery. Be aware that everyone has her or his own personal style.

Communicate! You are responsible for finding out basic, essential information about the people you play with, such as experience, limits, likes and dislikes, and health information. Playing SM without this knowledge is like Russian roulette. Talk about your head-space and your view of SM with your bottom, so that any uncertainties can be dealt with before you start playing. Clearly spell out roles, rules, limits, and contracts. Do not take for granted that your bottom instinctively knows the ground rules.

Be honest. If you lack experience in an area that your bottom would like to experiment with, be honest about it. Your partner has a right to know that. Be honest with yourself and take your submissive only to those levels at which you are completely in control of the situation. Safety should always be the first concern, taking priority over how hot a particular scene is.

Be sensitive. There's a very fine line between a sensitive, caring dominant and a self-righteous, insensitive overbearing clod. Your scene should be a creative synthesis of your needs and fantasies and your bottom's needs and fantasies. Although, on the surface, your submissive is serving you, what actually is happening is that dominant and submissive are serving each other. Earn the complete trust of your submissive and never violate or even threaten to violate that trust. His or her submission is a gift to you. Use it appropriately.

Be realistic. End the scene with the bottom wanting more, not wishing there had been less. Remember that power, control, and sensitivity are the keys, not just the intensity of the stimulation. Be clear about what is fantasy, and has little to do with what works in practice. Your favorite porno picture books may be stimulating in themselves, but don't try to imitate them to the last detail.

Be really dominant! Submissives are looking for someone who will take over their body and mind, not just for brute strength. Real people are wanted, not just cardboard images from cigarette ads or macho stereotypes. Your dominance enhances your whole existence. It does not cover up or substitute for other areas of your life - it is you. Make your submissive fall in love with you, and expect him or her to give him/herself up to you totally. Follow up on rules, expect obedience, and punish appropriately when it is called for. Don't shirk your responsibility to your bottom or to your sister/fellow tops. Be dependable and expect dependability. You have agreed to take the dominant role - now take it!

Be healthy! Like any strenuous activity, SM requires that its participants be in top physical and emotional health. Many factors, including the amount you sleep, your eating habits, and your alcohol and drug intake affect your performance and endurance during a scene. Don't attempt to do SM when your physical or emotional energy is low. As a dominant you have a special responsibility to be in control of yourself and on top of the scene. An attitude of "drugs and alcohol don't affect me that much... I can do it anyway" violates your Submissives trust in you and can be dangerous. If you don't want to accept the responsibilities, you shouldn't be playing the game!

Have fun! After all, sex is all about having a good time. You have earned, and you are entitled to the unique, intense pleasures which come from responsible, creative SM play.
Daddy Dominant
A Daddy Dominant And Lil Baby Girl Type Relationships Are A Erotic Sexual Roleplaying Of BDsM, In Which A sub Is Allowed To Express you "lil girl Or Child Like" Side. The "lil girl" Is submissive, Often With A Masochism Side And Belongs To you "Daddy", Just As In A BDsM Total Power Exchange Relationship. This Has Nothing To Do With Pedophilia or Incest, Nor Does It Imply Any "Secret Closet Desires To Have A Relationship With Your Father Or Any Family Member".

Heck No, My Daddy Dominant Is Not My "Real Father", And I Have No Desire For Him To Replace My Father. But When I Am In His Presence, He Does Have The Ability To Make Me Feel Like I Am a "lil girl", And It's A Feeling Of Safeness, Security And Love That I Need And Desire In A Relationship. He Makes Me Feel all Glowy...lolz....

He Is Called A "Daddy" Because Of His Ability In The Role Of The "Daddy Dominant", Becomming The Teacher, The Mentor, The Physician, The Protector And The Punisher. He Takes On The Role Of The Male Authority Figure In His submissive’s Life. Offering you A Deep Unconditional Love, Consistency And Stability, Preferring To Keep you Close To Him Making you Feel Like His Most Valuable Posession, Protecting you From "The Bad Things Of Life".

He Knows His "lil girl", Everything About you, she will Feel Safe Or May Feel At "Home" In His Arms, You Don't Feel Stupid To Ask Him Questions, Wanting Guidance, Or Feel Ashamed If Your Clumsy, You Can Be Honest Like A Child Often Is. Knowing His Love Is Unconditional And Stable. You Will Know When Your Obedient You Shall be Rewarded Especially By That Gleem In His Eye, But He Must Stand Firm, He Must Prove To You That He Means What He Says. Although He May Be Called "Daddy" To You, First And Foremost He Is A Dominant, He Uses His "Life Experiences" To Provide Sound And Appropriate Guidance And Will Carry Out Punishments When There Is A Need For it.

The "Daddy Dominant" Uses His Power To Fullfill And Enrich Your Life, Listening To All Your Hopes, Dreams, Your Fears, All Concerns In Your life, Allowing You To Open Up And Expose Your Thoughts, Your innermost Feelings. He Will Help You Plan And Achieve Realistic Goals For Your Future, Not Just In The lifestyle But In Real Life As Well, He Sees In You Someone Who Can Achieve Much In Life, He Will Make Help You Be The Best Person You Can Become, Although He Himself Shall Revel In The Pride Of His "lil girl", Tyoue Is Nothing More Satisfying To Him Than To Watch You Grow And Suceed, After All He Help To Mold And Create You. He Believes More In You Than You Ever Believed In Yourself.

It Take Great Strength To Be A "Daddy Dominant", He Must Have The Strength To Control You, Although "lil girls" Are Expressing The Childlike Side To Themself, They Also Take On The Personalities Of "Being Bratty" At Times By Being Disobedient By Having "Tantrums" Or Is Verbally Or Physical Resistant To Their Set Goals. He Must Find The Strength Of Do What Is Necessary When She Needs To Be Disciplined. If His submissive Can Manipulate Him To Not Punish you, She Will Begin To Loose you Respect Of Him, He Will Loose The Control In The Relationship. Making Discipline A Priority In Their Relationship.
Karens feet
I had been working in an office for around two months and i had a crush on this cute woman who worked in the same room. Her name was Karen. She was blond, slim, and had a lovely bottom. I dont know how it came about but i realized several years ago that i had a foot fetish. After a gruelling week at work i took the train home and i found myself thinking of Karen. Soon enough my attention turned towards the thought of her feet, which i still had yet to see.

When i returned to work on Monday, i was told by my manager that a new person was joining the company and would i mind sharing my desk with Karen!. How lucky was I?. I agreed and later that day Karen was sitting opposite me. I wanted to see if she was wearing any shoes
where her feet were visable so i pretended to drop my pen and when i went to pick it up i took a long stare at her feet, but i was a little
dissapointed because she was wearing black high-heeled boots which covered her feet up. I did the same thing on the Tuesday, Wednesday
and the Thursday. I tried my luck again on the Friday when there was just us two left in the office, but still no luck. As i picked my pen
up, she spoke to me. "You keep dropping your pen an awful lot". I gave an uneasy laugh. I had an awful feeling that she could tell i have a
foot fetish. I felt a brush accross my leg, i looked down and her foot rubbed against my leg. I felt my dick growing hard. "Could it be because you want to see my feet". I answered "no", whist feeling embarrased.

She kept brushing her heel of her boots up and down my leg. She seemed to be playing on me, and would not believe me, when i said that i did not have a foot fetish. She said "Its a shame, because i need an expert with feet, as my toes need massaging. "I dont have a fetish,
but i dont mind giving you a massage though". She thanked me and proceeded to put her right foot on my throbbing penis. My heart seemed
to have stopped and i found myself breathing heavier as i slowly unzipped her boots.

I gently pulled her sexy foot out of her boot and i almost had an orgasm there and then on the spot. I rubbed her feet and she gave out
a little giggle. After about five minutes of rubbing her foot, she said that i had hurt her big toe by not giving it enough attention, so could i kiss it better?.

I was in heaven and i started sucking the toe of this Chick. She then put her hand down her knickers and started to pleasure herself. I
admitted to her that i loved her feet when i saw her do this. I asked her if she minded me masterbaiting over her feet and she quickly
replied "NO!". "Why should you get the pleasure of relieving yourself, when my soles can do it for you". I could not believe what she had said.

Before long her feet, toes and soles were rubbing against my cock head. As i was sniffing and licking her boots. Whilst giving me a foot job,
she was also pleasuring herself and before long we both came. She sucked my penis and drunk my juices and then i drunk hers.

What a perfect start to the weekend...